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Single Stage Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM) Machine For Making Pharmaceutical Bottles

Short Description:

Our machine can make multiple cavities for pharmaceutical bottles, like syrup bottle, medicine pills bottles, lab bottles, etc.

Suitable materials include PET, PETG, PC, PP, AS, etc.

The parma bottles made by our machine is crystal clear and high quality, with uniform thickness and shinny appearance.

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Short Description

We have different models for bottles from small ones, all the up to big containers.

And please let us know your bottle details, and we will recommend the suitable machine model for you.

Our injection stretch-blow molding (ISBM) technology consists of main machine, mold, molding processes, etc. This technology has obtained a utility model patent and has the following features:

Our ISBM machine has three stations:
1. Injection to make preform,
2. Stretch & blow to make bottles,
3. Eject. This structure is more reasonable, so that our machine can run more stably.

Our ISBM machine can make lots of high-quality bottles, such as cosmetic bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, baby feeding bottles and kid cups.

Suitable material includes PP, PC, PPSU, PET, PETG, PCTG (Eastman Tritan TX1001/TX2001),SK ECOZEN T110 PLUS, etc.

Compared with injection blow, injection stretch-blow process conditions are more friendly. The temperature of mold is low to avoid some problems caused by high temperature. Therefore, it is better for the stable running of machine and mold.

With the support of the technical and production teams, the sales team has the confidence and responsibility to provide the most suitable solution to the customer. After more than 20 years of development, Jingye Machniery Co., Ltd. has cultivated an after-sales team with rich experience and high technical level to ensure the safe production of customers.

Production Capacity

Manifesto of our manufacturing team: Keep improving to make it perfect. It's our duty-bound responsibility to make each machine in perfect.

The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters, including 8,000 square meters of workshops. Not only a variety of advanced processing and testing equipment, but also a group of experienced staff who have worked for many years.These conditions ensure that products produced in parts processing, machine assembly, mold commissioning, etc., achieve high quality.


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