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Single Stage Injection Blow Molding (IBM) Machine For Making Pharmaceutical Bottle, Yogurt Bottle And Cosmetic Packing Container

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This model is mainly for producing HDPE/ LDPE/ LLDPE /PP/ PS parma bottles, and yogurt bottles, with bottle capacity ranges from 5ml to 2000ml.
Please let us the dimension information of your bottle, and we will evaluate and recommend a suitable model for you.

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IBM Machine for Making Pharmaceutical Bottle, Yogurt Bottle and Cosmetic Packing Container

This series is especially suitable for mass production of yogurt bottles and other products. Processing materials include HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS etc, with product’s capacity raging from2 ML to 2000 ML. Volume out of range can be customized.Our machines have been widely used for the packing of pharmaceutical, yogurt and cosmetic products.

The new model WIB-60D-G, upgraded version of WIB-50D, which efficiency is increased by 25~50%. Taking the lactic acid drink bottle of 100 mL as an example, its mold is 14 cavities, and the daily output reach more than 100,000 pieces.

Using the vertical working style for reducing the projected area of the mold may complete the work in a lower mold Clamping force, which can reduce the energy consumption.
The mold uses the overall preform inlay configuration to guarantee the final product to have only two Parting lines.

You can select the suitable model according to the size of the container and the hourly production.

Needs only one machine to finish processing of injecting perform and blowing final product , to save energy by deleting reheat ; Also avoiding possible damage by deleting preform storage and transportation to meet higher quality requirement as well as saving investment for space and storage ; Being automatically controlled by computer to reduce man-caused instability and investment for labor ; Working with robot can directly connect to production line of testing and packing to achieve full automatic operation without manual , which will provide basic conditions for industrial 4.0 .

Our machine and molds are of excellent quality and are recognized by many customers around the world.We have served many famous brands around the world.

Compared with injection blow, injection stretch-blow process conditions are more friendly. The temperature of mold is low to avoid some problems caused by high temperature. Therefore, it is better for the stable running of machine and mold.


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