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Single Stage Injection Blow Molding (IBM) Machine For Making Light Bulb

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This model is for making LED lampshade/ LED bulb from PC, PMMA, AS materials, etc.
We have different models, which can make bulbs with diameter ranges from 35mm, all the way up to 300 mm.
We are the pioneer of this kind of bulb machine, and the bulbs made by our machine are of high quality, uniform thickness and almost invisible parting line.

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IBM Machine for Making Light Bulb

This series of machines, which are designed based on our years’ experience of processing Polycarbonate and our patented technology, are specifically for making light bulb (diameter ranging from 35 mm to 250 mm). Kindly advise the size of the bulb and the hourly production, our experienced and professional team will provide the best solution for you.

Using the vertical working style for reducing the projected area of the mold may complete the work in a lower mold Clamping force, which can reduce the energy consumption.
The mold uses the overall preform inlay configuration to guarantee the final product to have only two Parting lines.

Needs only one machine to finish processing of injecting perform and blowing final product , to save energy by deleting reheat ; Also avoiding possible damage by deleting preform storage and transportation to meet higher quality requirement as well as saving investment for space and storage ; Being automatically controlled by computer to reduce man-caused instability and investment for labor ; Working with robot can directly connect to production line of testing and packing to achieve full automatic operation without manual , which will provide basic conditions for industrial 4.0 .

Vertical injection blow molding technology

This innovative injection blow process technology is created by Jingye company; different from the popular horizontal style (of which Jomar’s three-station machine is a representative), Jingye’s vertical style sets the injection mold perpendicular to the horizontal plane (refer to Pic 1) , this technology stems from Mr. WenBingRong, the founder of Jingye Company and got the patent of“Full Automatic Multifunctional Blow Molding Machine”in 1992.


Development of Technology

Our company has a professional and experienced technical team. They have long been committed to molding technology development and have developed more than a thousand different plastic containers.

Under the concept of “superb blow molding technology explorer”, our technical team pay close attention to the development direction of this field and develops the products that customers need. At the same time, we constantly explore new molding technologies and lead the industry to further progress.


The above pictures are from Liuzhou Jingye Machinery Co.,Ltd. and may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission.

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    The above pictures are from Liuzhou Jingye Machinery Co.,Ltd. and may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission.

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