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The plastic bottle is crystal clear and has a glass texture, which is a portrayal of the bottle produced by Jingye machinery.

The plastic bottle is crystal clear and has a glass texture, which is a portrayal of the bottle produced by Jingye machinery. Established in 1997, Liuzhou Jingye Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of fully automatic "injection-blow", "inject-stretch-blow" hollow molding machines, and related supporting molds. It is constantly innovating in technology and will often bring to the market. Come amazing products. "Products must be made with awe." Li Hui, deputy general manager of Jingye, told reporters that this is also Jingye's attitude towards each product.

Three years ago, Jingye Company developed a square PET serum bottle in nearly ten months. In order to pursue the effect of excellence, the mold plan was repeatedly modified, the adjustment process was also continuously optimized, and a lot of manpower and financial resources were invested. Achieved satisfactory results! Mr. Li believes that this is an important process of accumulating experience for Jingye Company! Jingye's dedicated research and development has finally been recognized by the market. Mr. Li mentioned that in the first half of this year, Jingye's performance growth reached 30% year-on-year, mainly due to the growth of the medical supplies industry!

The technical concept of "exquisite hollow molding technology explorer" has been pursued and practiced by Jingye since its establishment. The breakthrough in the medical field is just one example. The "inject-blow" and "inject-pull-blow" equipment and molds produced by Jingye Company are widely used in high-end industries such as sports water cups, baby bottles, daily chemical packaging, etc., and cooperate with customers from home to abroad. Jingye Company mainly produces two series of products: WIB series automatic injection blow molding machine, and WISB series automatic injection stretch blow molding machine. Jingye company will recommend the best solution according to the customer's product requirements. These two molding methods, whether in medical packaging, lactic acid bacteria beverage bottles, medical bottles, or high-end products such as cosmetic packaging containers, baby bottles, sports water cups, etc., which have higher requirements for appearance quality, Jingye will give you the ideal solution. These two processes cover almost all thermoplastic materials to be molded: PE, PP, PC, PS, AS, PET, PETG, PCTG, PPSU, etc.


According to Mr. Li, one-step molding has many advantages, including the ability to complete the complete production process from injection to blow molding on one machine at one time, without the need for secondary heating, which saves energy; the product is molded at one time without tubes. The surface damage caused by the storage and transportation of the blanks can meet the higher requirements of the surface quality of the products; the production process is fully automatic computer control, which reduces the unstable factors caused by humans, reduces human resources, and improves product quality.

It is precisely because of this technical strength that Jingye can better fulfill the high-quality requirements of customers, conduct customized production for customers, and solve the problems encountered by customers. For example, at the beginning of this year, Jingye Company customized equipment and molds for 15-liter polycarbonate (PC) material containers for customers. After months of intense work, I finally succeeded in the initial trial in July! The weight of the product is 4% less than the original sample; the molding cycle of each product is shortened by about 2 times; and the yield is greatly improved by nearly 3 times. Compared with the customer’s original two-step production method, there are many processes, no matter manual or energy consumption, it is easy to produce waste products. After the sample test was successful, the customer was very satisfied and immediately decided to continue adding new orders.


In the development process, Jingye Company always takes a rigorous spirit to make products. Mr. Li said that in order to ensure product quality, the company has been increasing investment in production. Now it has a variety of advanced processing and testing equipment, and adheres to the industry's high standards in the selection of core components.

Sincere and dedicated, rigorous and down-to-earth attitude runs through all aspects of the development of Jingye company. "In the face of new and difficult product demands from customers, we will not arbitrarily make 100% promises to customers." Whenever we encounter a new product or new requirement, it is a new challenge. What we have to do is Discover and solve problems in practice, make the product more perfect, and meet the needs of more customers.

At present, more and more customers cooperate with Jingye Company, and some customers have successively purchased 70 or 80 machines from Jingye Company. Customers who have worked with Jingye companies often get a good experience and gradually develop into stable customers. "Through the combination of equipment, molds and processes, many companies can produce bottles, but it is not easy to produce high-quality bottles; it is even higher if it is delivered to customers to produce high-quality bottles continuously and steadily. Only by requesting can we be truly recognized by the market!" In Mr. Li's view, stable product quality is one of the key factors for establishing a trust relationship with customers.

Although the one-step hollow molding machine produced by Jingye Machinery is completely comparable to international brands in terms of stability, precision, efficiency, and quality of manufacturing, the concept of "foreign brands is better" has been popular in the market for many years. His thoughts and concepts will not change overnight. Mr. Li said frankly that even if a company like Jingye has more than 20 years of technology precipitation, some people will still question when facing new customers. However, Mr. Li firmly believes that as long as Jingye always insists on making high-quality products, it will let more More and more customers feel the charm of Jingye machines, and they will certainly be able to establish a high-end brand image in the domestic and foreign markets!

In Jingye Company, we have seen the spirit of striving for excellence without arrogance or impetuosity. China wants to get rid of the stereotype that "Made in China" is equal to cheap and inferior. It cannot be done overnight, but it is precisely a group of companies like Jingye that make products with great care and work hard for it. Let us see a predictable future!


Post time: Dec-16-2021