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The new trend in the blow molding industry


The development of the blow molding equipment field is aimed at energy saving and environmental protection, which is consistent with the development trend of plastic machinery and the whole machinery industry, and it is embodied in the following four aspects:

•The demand for all-electric machines shows a significant increase, especially in the sector of medical and food packaging;

•In order to enhance the competitiveness of the product, the downstream enterprises put forward a higher requirement on the quality of containers;

•High automation has become the necessary condition for the development of the industry, which is a rare challenge and opportunity for the upstream industry chains;

•The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic is far-reaching, and it prevents timely and effective international communication and increases the difficulty of international trade.

Due to the epidemic’s impact, the relevant medical supplies industry sees a spurt of growth in 2020-2021. For example, the demand for COVID-19 test reagent bottles is estimated to be 10 million bottles per day. The containers used for reagents, vaccines, as well as related biomedical products, put higher quality requirements for manufacturers.


(Jingye ISBM machine production workshop)

Upgrading technology is the only way to meet the challenges

Under the big trend of energy saving and emission reduction, the price of raw materials is rising, and the manufacturing sector is undergoing transformation and upgrading. These reasons are related to whether enterprises can face the challenge and have better future development.

There are some phenomena of the relatively low technical content and the low entry threshold in the industry, which leads to even if the cost is increasing, the value of the blow molding machine is difficult to improve, the profit is getting thinner. Therefore, improve the technology, enhance the quality of product, give more added value for better quality and services, and become the only way for the manufacturer of hollow molding machines to fight for customers.


(Jingye IBM machine production workshop)

Provide better products and services for international customers

Jingye specializes in manufacturing single-stage injection blow molding (IBM) machines, injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) machines and molds. Jingye always focuses on independent research, development, and production. Besides, Jingye provides one-stop services from product design and production to the whole line installation and commissioning. So far, Jingye machines have been upgraded from the first generation to the third generation and have a higher share in the domestic and foreign markets. The application field covers medicine, medical treatment, food, beverage, cosmetics, daily necessities (such as sports bottles, baby feeding bottles), etc. Applicable materials include PET, PP, PC, PPSU, PETG, PCTG (Eastman Tritan Tx1001/Tx2001), SK YF300, etc.  

“Superb Blow Molding Technology Explorer” – this is the development vision of Jingye. Jingye always provides high-quality equipment and technical support for many domestic and international customers with technical advantages.

As far as the sports bottle manufacturers are concerned, they rely on imports for the raw material. Due to the epidemic, raw materials are in short supply and are out of stock. The price of a small number of imported goods has been inflated to three times as high as before, and manufacturing costs have risen sharply. As a result, some enterprises dare not accept orders, and the machines they originally planned to purchase can only be canceled. However, some customers hope that blow molding machines suppliers fully use the limited resource to provide better machines that can make high-quality containers while ensuring a high yield. Jingye blow molding machines have the advantages of high stability, technology maturity, and experienced service personnel. Combining these pros, Jingye has become the preferred equipment supplier for many high-end customers.

Jingye is also actively developing new technologies for medical applications because the market demand for biological agents, vaccines, and other use is rapidly expanding. Jingye promotes the application of automated injection-stretch-blow technology in this area and has successively developed square PET/PETG serum bottles from 5ml to 15000ml, PC/PETG triangle flask from 5 ml to 15000ml, etc. Jingye machinery, therefore, has become the preferred equipment supplier. 


(Medical bottles made by Jingye machines)

The injection Stretch Blow Molding technique has been a new industry benchmark.

Since its establishment in 1997, Jingye has obtained 9 national invention patents and 13 utility model patents and won the title of “National high-tech enterprise.” Jingye’s unique “vertical injection and blowing ” and “composite core” techniques have been successful in practical application, especially suitable for producing transparent plastic bottles such as PC, PETG, PCTG bottles. And now, it is a preferred solution to replace the two-step method, reduce labor and improve quality.

Jingye began to develop the production of automatic injection stretch blowing molding technique in 2008. After many times trial production, the machines in which the technique is applied have become Jingye’s new representative products in recent years. In addition to the original two-station injection blow molding machines, Jingye has two main blow molding solutions that apply to a wider range of fields for customers.

The full-automatic ISBM technique of Jingye adopts a three-station layout: injection preforms in the first station, stretch and blow bottle in the second station, and ejection in the third station. Compared with the injection blow molding technique, Jingye’s ISBM technique is advanced in the following aspects: more suitable resins can be used, such as PET, PPSU, PES, etc.; Some products with a high blow-up ratio which is challenging to realize in injection blow molding machines can be effectively solved by ISBM machines; the working condition is more friendly, so the operator comfort is improved.

ISBM technique as a parallel molding solution with IBM technique, it requires high controllability, stability of machines, and the precision of the mold. Jingye’s ISBM has more than 10 years of practice and has provided customers with more than 100 sets of successful solutions.

Post time: Mar-31-2022