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Liuzhou Jingye single stage injection stretch blowing machines will appear at CHINAPLAS2022 China Rubber & Plastics Exhibition

The 35th China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition CHINAPLAS will be held on April 25-28, 2022 at the Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai, China. The exhibition is one of the top exhibitions in the global rubber and plastics industry, and it is recognized by industry insiders that its influence is second only to the German “K Exhibition”.


Liuzhou Jingye Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of stretchy automatic single stage ”injection-blow”, “injection-stretch-blow” molding machines, and related molds. Founded in 1997, our company is one of the earliest companies in mainland China specializing in the R&D and production of hollow molding technology, and has a number of independent intellectual property rights. Product application areas include pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, food and beverage packaging, sports water bottles, baby bottles, etc.

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At this exhibition, Jingye Company will exhibit 3 stretchy automatic single stage injection stretch blow molding machines:

1. stretchy automatic single stage ”injection-stretch-blow” molding machine WISBIII-88BS, supporting two-cavity 500ml PCTG sports bottle mold;

2. stretchy automatic single stagep “injection-stretch-blow” molding machine WISBIII-75AS, supporting two-cavity 150ml PETG cosmetic bottle mold;

3. stretchy automatic single stage ”injection-stretch-blow” molding machine WISBIII-75AS, supporting six-cavity 10ml PET eye drop bottle.

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The products produced by the machine are crystal clear, high-grade and exquisite, and the wall thickness is uniform, which can meet the requirements of users for high-quality appearance products. Applicable materials are wide, such as: PET, PP, PC, PPSU, PETG, PCTG (Eastman TritanTx1001/Tx2001) and SK YF300.

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The three-station “injection-pull-blow” production technology includes multiple links such as host, mold, and molding process. The layout of the three-station model is: the first station injects the preform, the second station stretches and blows the bottle, and the third station takes off the bottle. More reasonable mold layout structure enables the machine to run more stably. The one-stage injection stretch blow molding process has the following advantages:

1. Complete the entire production process from injection molding to blow molding at one time on one machine, without secondary heating, saving energy;

2. The product is formed at one time, without the surface damage caused by the storage and transportation of the tube blank, so as to meet the higher requirements of the surface quality of the product;

3. There is no need for storage costs caused by the storage of tube blanks, saving site investment costs;

4. The bottle mouth is injection molded at one time, which stretchy guarantees its high dimensional accuracy, smoothness and smoothness;

5. The production process is stretchy automatic computer control, reducing the unstable factors caused by human beings, reducing human resources and improving product quality;

6. With the manipulator device, it can be directly connected to the back-end automatic detection and packaging line to realize the whole process of automatic unmanned operation, which provides the basic conditions for the realization of Industry 4.0 integration.

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At the same time, Jingye Company also produces stretchy automatic “injection blow” blow molding machines and their supporting molds. This process is suitable for the production of resin raw materials: HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PC, PETG, PCTG, etc. The injection and blowing series products are mature and stable, and are widely used, especially in the sports water cup industry, with hundreds of users and more than 1,000 equipments in operation, with extremely high cost performance.

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