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In the large family of plastic machinery, the hollow molding equipment (blow molding machine) is an important part of it.

In the large family of plastic machinery, the hollow molding equipment (blow molding machine) is an important part of it. Hollow molding equipment is divided into the following molding methods: rotational molding, extrusion blow molding (extrusion blow), injection blow molding (injection blow), and injection stretch blow molding (injection stretch blow), mainly used to produce various types of hollow Containers of plastic products. In the past ten years, the development of domestic plastic machinery industry has made great progress, but compared with international counterparts, there is still a certain gap. With the development of our country's economy, Chinese people have begun to have higher requirements for the appearance and quality of packaging products.


As an advanced manufacturer of fully automatic hollow molding equipment in China --- Liuzhou Jingye Machinery Co., Ltd. has continued to maintain the leading level in the domestic hollow molding field through its unremitting pursuit of hollow molding technology for more than 20 years and almost crazy hard research. The quality of the model is completely comparable to imported equipment. Recently, our journalists came to Liuzhou and visited this leading company in China’s blow molding industry.

The second-phase production workshop completed in 2016, A total of 8,000 square meters.

Jingye Company was established at the end of 1997 and moved to its current factory site in 2006: Xinxing Industrial Park in Liuzhou City. Facing the reporter who visited for the first time, Deputy General Manager Li Hui introduced the company's development history. At the beginning of its establishment, the company lacked funds and the technology was in the transitional period from trial production to small batch production. It faced many difficulties; we started an arduous journey in the 100 square meters of simple factory rented.


More than 20 years have passed in a flash. Today, Jingye Company has grown to cover an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, with a production workshop of 8,000 square meters, with a machining production workshop, a host and mold assembly workshop, and a final installation and commissioning workshop. With dozens of advanced CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, precision spark machines, deep hole drills and other various processing equipment, with a host production capacity of 300 sets per year, and about 500 molds, it has become a well-known enterprise in the domestic hollow forming equipment industry. . The "inject-blow" and "inject-pull-blow" equipment and molds produced by Jingye Company are widely used in high-end industries such as sports water cups, baby bottles, and daily chemical packaging. They have become the preferred domestic brands and can be customized for customers. Chemical production. He has won 9 national invention patents and 13 utility model patents.

Jingye Company has formed a mature production system. The reporter saw that the workshop was in order at the production site, and learned that Jingye Company has been implementing lean production for many years, basically ensuring that the processed parts are not placed on the ground and placed according to the signs. The documents are clear and I feel that Jingye is already a mature enterprise with a certain scale integrating R&D and production.

2. Deep genes driven by technology

In addition to various advanced processing and testing equipment, Jingye has a group of experienced professional and technical personnel who have served for many years. They have been engaged in industry technology development for a long time, with profound professional knowledge and rich practical experience, and they have more than one thousand kinds of hollow container development experience and strength. Ensure that the products produced in each link of parts processing, machine mold assembly, process debugging, etc. achieve excellent quality.

Jingye company's dedication to technology has its origins. Mr. Li introduced that Mr. Wen Bingrong, the founder of Jingye Company, is an expert who has received special allowance from the State Council. He has been engaged in the R&D and production of plastic machines for more than 30 years. He is the inventor of the domestic automatic hollow molding machine. He was established as early as Jingye Company. Previously, the concept of a multifunctional hollow molding machine was proposed in the 1980s, and in 1992, it was awarded the patent for the "automatic multifunctional hollow molding machine". When he started his business under the leadership of Mr. Wen Bingrong, he was deeply imprinted with technical chrome.

Jingye started with its own patented technology, and without the same technology as a reference, it relied on its own bit by bit to explore, accumulate, and constantly try, modify, and improve, and make progress after failures. Under the influence of this founder, Jingye has always possessed a deep technology-driven gene. For many years, it has adhered to the innovative concept of "exquisite hollow molding technology explorer", and has won the favor of customers with technology inheritance and refined services.

Jingye's technical challenges are sometimes even ignoring the cost. For example, in the trial production of PET square bottle products for a customer, Jingye Company continued to adjust the design during the process, and invested a lot of manpower and material resources before and after. The project took nearly ten months in total. Although it is time-consuming and labor-intensive, Jingye believes that it is worthwhile. The pursuit of technology and the recognition of customers will always be the biggest driving force for Jingye to move forward.

Since the founder, Jingye has a consciousness that it must provide customers with the best products in order to be worthy of them, and to live steadfastly and have a sense of accomplishment. Never give up if you don't do a good job of the product-this is the pursuit of the "technical madman". "Leave aside other aspects, the best we can get for so many years is technology." President Li modestly said, "Technology leadership is the cornerstone of the development of Jingye machinery; customer recognition and reputation are the continuous improvement of Jingye. Motivation to move forward!"

The reason why Jingye Company can maintain a strong competitive advantage in the market lies in the stable product quality of Jingye machinery in addition to professional technology and innovative spirit. When the epidemic is raging in 2020, because of its stable and reliable quality, high degree of automation, and no need for multiple employees to participate in the production process, one person can even take care of multiple equipment, which greatly reduces the number of production labor. Jingye's one-step method" The production equipment of "Injection Blowing Machine" and "Injection Stretching Blowing Machine" effectively solved the problems caused by the severe epidemic that many factory workers could not rework, manpower shortage and the resulting inability to start production normally. The application of high technical content, stable quality, and personalized demand best reflects the advantages of Jingye company's products.

For more than 20 years, Jingye company's stable quality and perfect service have won unanimous praise from many customers. Jingye company after-sales service, when the customer needs it, from receiving the call, Jingye company will send maintenance personnel to the production site as soon as possible, and strive not to delay the normal production of the customer. Jingye company also provides detailed and comprehensive technical support for customers who purchase products, including a series of after-sales services such as raw material models suitable for product production, production operation methods, finished product quality control methods, equipment and mold repairs, maintenance, and training of machine repair production personnel. .

Faced with the ever-changing market demand, Mr. Li said: “Jingye will actively and conscientiously study and upgrade technology, master core technology, seek breakthroughs in challenging areas, and open up a broader market. The production of homogenized ordinary machine products is not With the advantages of our Jingye, we can build a technology research and development enterprise to achieve stability and long-term development!"

Every year, Jingye company launches more competitive new products and reserves several new technologies in order to maintain its advanced nature. Jingye Machinery will continue to uphold the enterprise spirit of "sincerity and dedication" and the work style of excellence, always pursue higher product quality, and contribute to the upgrading and progress of China's hollow molding equipment industry!

Post time: Apr-12-2021