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At the 2020 Greater Bay Area Industry Fair (DMP)

At the 2020 Greater Bay Area Industry Fair (DMP), Liuzhou Jingye Machinery Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of one-step hollow molding machines with the leading technology in China, exhibited the fully automatic one-step injection stretch blow molding machine WISBIII-88AS , It is matched with a four-cavity PET thick-walled cream bottle mold. This model can be applied to packaging in cosmetics, medicine and other industries.

Li Hui, deputy general manager of Jingye Company, introduced in an interview with Jufeng reporters that the packaging process is very important in the consumption of cosmetics. The more beautiful and delicate the packaging, the more attractive it is, but the more craftsmanship is tested during production. Technology. Jingye Machinery has in-depth research on the production process and supporting mold manufacturing. The PET cream thick-walled bottle produced by the WISBIII-88AS model has a crystal clear appearance and a glass-like texture, which can satisfy customers' demand for cosmetic packaging. Appearance requirements.

WISBIII-88AS adopts a three-station layout, that is, the first station injects the preform, the second station stretches and blows the bottle, and the third station releases the bottle. This more reasonable mold layout structure enables the machine to run more stably. After the tube blank is injection molded, the heat retained by itself is directly used for stretch blow molding, which avoids the shortcomings of repeated energy consumption and repeated energy consumption, which can greatly reduce energy waste. The product is formed only once, and there is no intermediate transfer link, which completely eliminates the surface damage caused by the collision of the tube blanks.


In the production of thick-walled cream bottles, compared with Jingye’s own injection and blowing process, this WISBIII-88AS injection stretch blowing machine has more technological advantages: the available raw material for the injection blowing process is PETG, injection stretch blowing The available raw materials for the process are PET, PETG, etc. PET is a crystalline material and must be injected stretch blown. The temperature setting of the mold auxiliary equipment is low to avoid the related problems caused by the high temperature of the main machine caused by the excessive mold temperature transmission, thus making the production process more stable; the number of auxiliary machines required is also less.

Li said that Jingye has devoted itself to research and development, such as the aforementioned transparent PET cream thick-walled bottle production equipment, PET materials are much cheaper than PETG and other materials, which can greatly reduce the material cost of the bottle. However, because PET is a crystalline material, it is easy to turn white at the bottom of the gate if the temperature is not well controlled, or the bottle body is not transparent, which is technically difficult and very challenging, even if it is produced with similar foreign equipment. Jingye Company utilizes the core technology independently researched and developed, from the main engine to the mold and the process adjustment, through the reasonable combination and application of several key points, the related problems have been effectively solved.

Positioned as a "exquisite explorer of hollow molding technology", Jingye machines continue to develop and improve to maintain technological advantages. President Li pointed out that as a research and development enterprise, it has to suffer a lot: the initial investment is large and it takes a lot of manpower. Material resources. But only in this way can we always maintain the leading position in the industry, and the products will be more refined and better, surpassing peers. The strict requirements of customers are the challenges we face all the time. It is these factors that drive Jingye to move forward and innovate continuously!

Speaking of business operations this year, Mr. Li said that despite being affected by the epidemic, Jingye's sales have maintained a good momentum this year, especially in foreign countries. For greater development in the future, the company has now begun to purchase precision processing equipment to improve the processing and manufacturing capabilities and quality levels of parts and components, greatly increase production capacity, and prepare bullets for future development!

Post time: Dec-05-2020