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Single Stage Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM) Machine For Making Water Bottle

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We would say our machine is China’s best machine for making sports bottles.

Suitable materials include Tritan, PC, SK Ecozen, PP, PET, PETG, AS, SAN, PMMA, PS, etc.

In China, single stage machines to make sports bottles, our machine’s market share is more than 90%.

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Short Description

The sports bottles made by our machine is crystal clear and high quality, with uniform thickness and almost invisible parting line.

We assure you that, our machine is very stable, high efficiency, which offers you high quality products and trouble-free operations.

Please let us know your bottle details, and we will recommend the suitable machine model for you.

Our injection stretch-blow molding (ISBM) technology consists of main machine, mold, molding processes, etc. This technology has obtained a utility model patent and has the following features:

Our ISBM machine has three stations:
1. Injection to make preform,
2. Stretch & blow to make bottles,
3. Eject. This structure is more reasonable, so that our machine can run more stably.

Needs only one machine to finish processing of injecting perform and blowing final product , to save energy by deleting reheat ; Also avoiding possible damage by deleting preform storage and transportation to meet higher quality requirement as well as saving investment for space and storage ; Being automatically controlled by computer to reduce man-caused instability and investment for labor ; Working with robot can directly connect to production line of testing and packing to achieve full automatic operation without manual , which will provide basic conditions for industrial 4.0 .


Development of Technology

Our company has a professional and experienced technical team. They have long been committed to molding technology development and have developed more than a thousand different plastic containers.

Under the concept of “superb blow molding technology explorer”, our technical team pay close attention to the development direction of this field and develops the products that customers need. At the same time, we constantly explore new molding technologies and lead the industry to further progress.

Every year, our company's development costs are about 10% of the annual sales . Therefore, we are able to develop more competitive new products and technologies, which keeps Jingye Machinery Co., Ltd. at the forefront. With the support of our technical team, we will definitely find a reasonable solution for you.

Manifesto of our technique team: Keep moving! Keep innovating! It is our goal and motivity to retain our technology as the most advanced technology in this field.


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